By Daniel Jones

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Post-industrial era really easy to get to the market, or to make a competitive product, so how should we tackle this?

Customer relations, and the ability to ccontinuous change is getting mote and mote important – change and reimplementation is much cheaper than losing all of your customers to the competition.

How to get input quickly – enabling change

Group identity co-relates to empathic response triggers => silos increase this problem. Create a larger tribe to increase investment from all parties.

By increasing automation, specialist competence in many areas less important, easier to devops.

From waterfall to handle complex coordination ==> one tribe cross communication while doing fewer things well during a time period

Hardwired to care more about near-time spatially near important tasks

Serialize tasks rather than multitasking, one tribe at a time.

Book tip ”Scarcity” . Being in situational scarcity reduces effective IQ.

Can be triggered by TIME as well, one of our key scarcity elements.

This is the effect of taking on more work than we can solve.

CD makes deadlines meaningless, given that we deliver the most important thing.

How do this in a fractured customer space??? ==> Hopefully not SAFe!

Rewards replenishes willpower

How implement locally? ==> CD (incremental imrpovement) trigger